Our mission is to inspire, empower and enrich the lives of at-risk young people. Through a unique immersion experience, participants will be introduced to techniques and methodologies designed to address topics surrounding physical health, mindset, relationships, wealth creation and entrepreneurship.


(tentative dates)

July 2019 – Connect on social media and in Google classroom for online communication, support and growth.

October 2019 – Host an online zoom workshop and discuss tasks accomplished, new routines, future goals, and book club assignments.

December 2019/January 2020 – Host a black tie gala on the waterfront in Jersey City, NJ, to celebrate the first six months of our journey, and to vision plan for the new year!

March 2020 – Host an online zoom workshop to provide support, discuss successful routines, and book club assignments.

July 2020 – Year 2 Summer event